Car Mats For Volvo

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Product  Name  Car Mats For Volvo
Applicable To All Volvo Models
ColorBlack/beige/gray/brown/coffee,Customization According To Customer Requirements
Weight3-10 kg
Automotive footpad is an environmental protection automobile interior parts, which integrates five main functions of water absorption, dust collection, decontamination, sound insulation and protection of the main carpet. Car foot pad belongs to interior decoration, which protects the cleanliness of inside and outside the car and plays the role of beautiful and comfortable decoration.
Water absorption, dust collection and decontamination of automobile foot pads can effectively prevent the residual moisture and dirt in soles from sliding between clutch, brake and throttle, avoid hidden safety hazards and reduce the possibility of contamination and damage of interior decoration. After all, cleaning foot pads is more convenient and economical than cleaning interior decoration.
TPE Car Mat:
Differentiation between full TPE Car Mat and surface TPE Car Mat
At present, there are not many TPE Car Mat on the market, but there are two kinds, one is full TPE Car Mat, the other is surface synthetic TPE Car Mat.
TPE Car Mat, as its name implies, is made of TPE material. This Car Mat is molded in one and does not need adhesive to use. It can ensure the sealing, waterproof and environmental protection of Car Mat.
Surface TPE footpad, but the surface used TPE layer, in essence, and leather footpad no difference, the middle or use elastic foam layer and other materials, by stamping or glue synthesis, poor integration, synthetic materials at high temperatures or prone to odor.
Therefore, in the selection is to pay attention to the selection of full TPE Car Mat.
Attention should be paid to distinguishing Copycat materials:
In addition, there is a kind of "Copycat" TPV Car Mat, and TPE are both the beginning of TP, but there are essential differences.
TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer material with high elasticity of rubber and plasticity of plastics. It does not need vulcanization to maintain the stability of the material and is not easy to produce odor at high temperature.
TPV is a thermoplastic vulcanized rubber, which needs to be vulcanized in the process of processing. The final product is easy to remain chemical mixture. The higher the temperature, the greater the odor emission, the higher the temperature of the vehicle in summer. TPV Car Mat are not recommended.
Shipping PortShanghai,Ningbo,Tianjin,Xiamen,Shenzhen Etc,
PackingColor card + pvc bag+hanger  for each full set,  5sets in one carton
MOQ10 Set
Sample Delivery Time2-3 Days.  Free Sample, Freight Collect.
Delivery Date5-15Days
Payment MethodL/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union payments for offline orders
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